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The Girls

Meet the origianl Tigers

Lucy Buchannan
18 year old Lucy is an A level student from Yorkshire. She's been to an all-girl boarding school since the age of four, with only 100 other students. Lucy has never had a boyfriend and has strong views about other people. Lucy applied to Shipwrecked for the challenge of not having everything you would normally need in life, and cooking your own food.
Luxury item: Bily Bag

Terri Jones
23 year old Terri is a manual labourer from London. She works as a plumber and carpenter, and at 6 foot 2 she's always had a natural aptitude for handy work. She's an independent hardworker and hopes to build a 5-star hut. Terri doesn't like lazy girls who sunbathe all day.
Luxury item: Playing cards

Sophia Wardman
19 year old Sophia is a performing arts student from Scarborough. She would love to be a singer and writer. Sophia has two jobs as well as studying for her BTEC in Performing Arts. She's looking forward to a fresh start way from Scarborough where she has lived for her whole life. Most of Soph's friends are boys and she's a very loyal and honest friend. Soph finds that 'stuck-up girls' always dislike her.
Luxury item: Journal

Fiona Merry
20 Year Old Fiona is a Promotions girl from East Sussex.  She's confident, competitive, and likes to look good. Fiona is looking for romance on the Island and admits she wants to be top dog. She has worked as a model in the past and is looking for a new challenge. She's scared of sand, coconuts and fish which may lead to a few difficulties.
Luxury item: Journal

Lianne Dauban
18 year old Lianne is a blond bomb-shell from Bristol. Lianne has lived Sweden for most of her life and was educated there. She's predicted straight A's at A level, is well travelled, and use to ski for Stockholm. Lianne has strong beliefs and hopes to study Philosophy. She finds that other girls are intimidated by her.
Luxury Item: Journal