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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Published: 2:56PM Wednesday August 14, 2013 Source: Seven Sharp

Ever heard of Pending Coffee?

It’s when you pay for your coffee and you buy a “pending” coffee for someone in need to claim later. Would you pay it forward through coffee?

Reporter: Greg Stubbing

Camera:  James Marshall

Editor:  Doug Thomson


English and boxing

We catch-up with Sir Robert Jones who’s been busy combining his first and second loves - the English language and boxing.

Reporter: Craig Stanaway

Editor: Tuki Laumea

Camera: Shane Murray


Deano’s World: GCS...what?

America has the CIA, England MI6 and Russia the KGB – Does our spy agency need a cooler name? And in which order do the letters actually go? Deano’s World puts the public to the test.

Reporter: Dean Butler

Editor: Nick Mayow

Camera: Owen Goodwin


Ladi6: Giving back

The first lady of Kiwi hip hop Ladi6 has come back home after a whirlwind tour overseas and is now mentoring up and coming Kiwi musicians while working on her next album.

Reporter: Sarah Daniell

Editor: Tuki Laumea

Camera: Owen Goodwin


We are so sorry

We apologise to the Country music genre in NZ we did not mean to offend you all.