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Wednesday 10 July 2013

Published: 3:31PM Wednesday July 10, 2013 Source: Seven Sharp

Planning the dream retirement lifestyle

Pilates and body-boarding may not fit in with the traditional view of retirement homes, but the golden generation are demanding a bit more these days. We meet some retirees living the dream and hear how you can keep your finances in order to keep up with your retirement lifestyle.

Reporter: Jehan Casinader

Camera: Dalwyn Reisima

Editor: Andy Gibb

Guest producer: Sarah Daniell

Only beautiful people need apply

Is it discrimination or natural selection? We meet a Kiwi at the head of a controversial dating service where only the pretty prevail.

Reporter, Camera, Editor: Jack Tame

Kiwi set to break cross-US record

We catch up with runner Alison Bradley who's on course to beat the world record for running across America.

Producer: Paul Deady

Kiwi stomping his way around the world

Seven Sharp meets the New Zealander making a big noise with the stage show Stomp.

Reporter: Chris Parkin