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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Published: 2:31PM Tuesday June 04, 2013 Source: Seven Sharp

Radiation from home appliances

Michael Holland takes us to his WiFi-free home. He’s worried about the radiation the wireless router creates but his kids say enough is enough. Is there a possible danger? The radiation experts tell us.

Reporter: Michael Holland

Camera: Craig Patterson & Rofer Duncan

Editor: Nick Mayow


Making millions from nothing

Kiwi tech entrepreneur Derek Handley talks about why everyone can make it. He was broke at 22 but a millionaire at 30. We get his tips.

Guest Producer: Sarah Daniell


Where are they now: Dave Pine

Sneaky Feelings’ guitarist David Pine now has high powered job working for the government.

Reporter: Dean Butler

Camera: Craig Peterson

Editor:  Marc Seidler


The Singing University Professor

We meet the professor who sings to his students and puts music videos on YouTube. 

Learn all about Anemia with Haematology lecturer Sean MacPherson’s catchy tune.

Reporter: Brodie Kane

Camera: Daniel O'Sullivan

Editors: Doug Thomson and Paul Sparkes