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Thursday 8 August 2013

Published: 3:21PM Thursday August 08, 2013 Source: Seven Sharp

Counting the cost of degrees

We meet university graduates who spent years studying for a degree only to end up working behind a till.  Was it really worth it or a complete waste of money and time?

Reporter: Heather du Plessis

Camera: Barrington West

Editor: Luis Portillo

Graphics: Luke Sutherland


Thinking about heading to Uni?

Norman Isaacs from Careers NZ joins us in studio to discuss what a potential Uni student should know before going.


Lard in London sewer

Our London correspondent Chris Parkin joins us to discuss a blob of fat the size of a double decker bus in the London sewer.


Weddings in sky break record

We are with five lucky couples who marry their way into the Guinness world records on flight across the Pacific.

Reporter: Craig Stanaway

Camera/Editor: Tuki Laumea


Unique marriage proposals

Reporter Greg Stubbings delves into unique marriage proposals

Reporter/Editor: Greg Stubbings

Camera: Will Green