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Thursday 25 July 2013

Published: 2:50PM Thursday July 25, 2013 Source: Seven Sharp

Mururoa vets fear for their children

Around 500 Kiwis were sent to be a silent witness to French nuclear testing at the Mururoa atoll, but its what they brought back with them that is threatening their legacy. Several of the sailors have developed health problems linked to radiation poisoning and say their children are also at risk.

Reporter: Jehan Casinader

Camera: Tony George

Editor: Luis Portillo

A Star Wars collector's pride and joy

Pop culture has spawned many obsessive fans, and tonight we meet two dedicated to Star Wars. Craig Stanaway introduces Canadian Charles Ross to his collection of memorabilia.

Reporter: Craig Stanaway

Camera: Tuki Laumea

Editor: Shane Murray

What makes a bogan?

And doctor of "Boganology" Dave Snell is in the studio explaining where the obsession with fast cars and heavy music may have come from.

Guest producer: Sarah Daniell