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Taking your tank of petrol further

Published: 5:26PM Tuesday July 16, 2013 Source: Seven Sharp

Petrol prices in New Zealand have been reaching record highs, and there's only one way they'll be going in the future too.

There are ways you can get more from your tank of petrol though as Liz Yeaman from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority explained.

Her number one tip: drive like a nana. That means smoothly, and sensibly.

"Imagine you had a cup of coffee sitting there on the dashboard, hot coffee," she said. "Drive like you really don't wanna get that hot coffee on your lap."

This means avoid braking hard, or accelerating too quickly and keeping to the speed limit.

"Your brake and your accelerator are like two little money pumps that squirt your money into your fuel engine.

"The less that you can press down and really have that money squirting out, the more that you're gonna save when you're driving."

There are plenty of myths out there on ways to make your fuel take you further, but many of them simply won't make a big difference.

For example, Ms Yeaman doesn't recommend driving behind a truck to get into its slipstream or driving downhill in neutral.

But, waxing your car could make it more aerodynamic, and parking your car in the shade does apparently help save on fuel.

"Right in the middle of summer, do park in the shade. That means that when you get into your car you don't have to run your air conditioning so hard," Ms Yeaman said.

While the air conditioning can drink up the gas, Ms Yeaman also recommends emptying out your boot and keeping your tyres pumped up to the right pressure to keep things efficient.

For more information, click here for the EECA website