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Survey: What would a doctor do?

Published: 3:58PM Monday May 27, 2013 Source: Seven Sharp

We gave doctors and members of the public the following scenario:

You have a long-term incurable illness requiring regular medical attention.

You suffer a further medical event that may end your life. Medical intervention could help you survive and live for some time yet, but may also negatively affect your quality of life.

In these circumstances, would you agree to the following medical interventions: CPR, ventilation (tube in your lungs to breathe for you), chemotherapy, surgery, feeding tube.

The results, from a Seven Sharp / NZ Resident Doctors Association survey of around 300 resident doctors:

  Yes %  No %
CPR 8.99 91.01
Ventilation  10.75 89.25
Chemotherapy  32.59 64.41
Surgery 39.93 60.07
Feeding Tube 36.30 67.41



If you want to give some more thought to your own end-of-life options, a good place to start is Advance Care Planning (ACP).

According to the Ministry of Health:

[ACP] is a process of discussion and shared planning for future health care that assists the individual to identify their personal beliefs and values and incorporate them into plans for their future health care.

ACP assists in the provision of quality health care and treatment. It is becoming increasingly important, particularly with the growing range of medical treatment options available and the enhanced recognition of the importance of patient involvement in medical decisions.

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