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Monday 1 July 2013

Published: 3:28PM Monday July 01, 2013 Source: Seven Sharp

Slow uptake on HPV vaccine

Its a vaccine against a virus which can cause cancer, but only 50% of eligible girls are taking it up. We look at the efforts to prevent the sexually transmitted disease spreading among New Zealands teens.

Reporter: Gill Higgins

Vaccination doubter becomes believer

Ian Williams used to doubt the effectiveness of vaccines, he tells Seven Sharp why hes changed his mind.

Guest producer: Sarah Daniell

Sharp Towns: Motueka

We hit the road and drop in on the first of our Sharp Towns. Once reknowned as a hippy haven, we find out how Motueka has sharpened up its act.

Camera: Dalwyn Reisima

Editor: Luis Portillo

Nailing Maori pronunciation

This Maori Language Week is focussing on pronunciation, and weve got Scotty Morrison to show you how its done.

Guest producer: Sarah Daniell

Kiwi soldiers take on the Marines

In a desert in southern California, we join a team of Kiwi soldiers preparing to fight off the advances of a platoon of US Marines.

Reporter and camera: Jack Tame