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Improving your online security

Published: 6:22PM Thursday May 30, 2013 Source: Seven Sharp

If you're using a public WiFi to surf the internet on your computer, tablet or phone you'll want to be careful about what sites you visit. You might not know how easy it is to get hacked.

On public WiFi a hacker could see what you're downloading, viewing and what information you're sending, like usernames, passwords and messages.

Good news: some websites like Facebook and Twitter are safe to use because theyve encrypted their connection.

You can tell which sites are safe because theyll have an https:// in the address bar and a padlock icon.

NetSafe reckons you shouldnt do online banking over public WiFi, but the banks do make their sites safer by encrypting their connections.Its a good idea, though, to change your password regularly.

If you want to view websites that don't offer this secure https:// option, our hacker says you should use a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which is basically an encrypted tunnel through the internet.

Downloading one on your computer will stop hackers seeing what you're doing, even if you're on free open WiFi.

Our 'hacker' recommends downloading the free ProXPN here:

Netsafe has more security suggestions as part of Cyber Security Awareness Week and made this rather amusing video to highlight wireless safety: