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Seven Dwarves

Thursday at 11.05pm | TV ONE

About Seven Dwarves

Seven Dwarves on TV ONE

Seven Dwarves is a brand new observational documentary series that follows the lives of seven dwarf actors as they live together and perform in a production of Snow White.

During the Christmas pantomime season inBritain, many dwarves take on roles in the theatre. This series follows seven dwarf actors as they rehearse for and perform in a production at WokingsNewVictoriaTheatre.

Seven Dwarves offers an insight into the personal and professional lives of the dwarves and aims to cut across some of the preconceptions that small people often encounter.

The series follows this outgoing, intelligent and candid group as they celebrate Christmas Day and New Years Eve; wind down after performances; hang out with friends and family; and carry on their regular lives out of panto season.