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Search And Rescue

Search and Rescue

Sundays at 9.30am

About the show

TV ONE's explosive new series follows the elite Victoria Police Search and Rescue Squad, Water Police and Air Wing.

Each year the three divisions are put to the test locating lost, injured and stranded Australians. Search and Rescue offers an inside perspective of life in rescue operations, from locating wayward yachts to saving dogs trapped down mine shafts.

No geography is out of limits for the Search and Rescue squads. Throughout the series the teams will undertake missions in the snow, bush and water. The work suits only the most hardened of officers, as a day on the job can involve retrieving bodies from wreckages and investigating fatalities.

In the upcoming season, Search and Rescue will track officers as they attempt to establish if there's a body trapped inside a 10 tonne backhoe at the bottom of a quarry. In a later episode, the team must determine how a man died at a derelict crane site.

There's also a wayward grandmother, a helicopter crash in a river and an unexploded bomb at the beach to deal with.

In each episode, the officers candidly discuss their jobs, revealing just what characteristics are needed to make a hero.