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Jermaine Leef

Well, well, well...This is your life Jermaine Leef! I am a 21-year-old Maori/ European brought up in the humble sunshine of the Kapiti Coast, Wellington.

Up until being appointed a Saturday Disney presenter, life has treated me to many opportunities in the broad field of entertainment. This includes; singing performances with NZ's top music acts, television performances (The Tribe, The Strip, various TV commercials), teaching Hip Hop dance, a sprinkle of theatre projects, musicals, and a dash of radio.

I started exploring my passion for music and entertainment when I joined the funk/rock band Euphoria as lead vocals/guitar. The band had its share of achievements, including semi-final status in the Smokefree Rockquest and EP recordings. I then decided to get more involved in the entertainment business by signing up to an agent while I was down in Wellington studying towards my Bachelor of Health Science (just in case my entertainment career turns to custard!). 

Over the past year I have had some great opportunities, including performing with top music acts Nesian Mystic, Adeaze, Scribe, Misfits of Science, Dei Hamo and many others. Right now though I am extremely excited about the up-and-coming year and I can't wait to get into presenting Saturday Disney, because this is going to be a year of Titanic proportions!