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Rural Delivery

Saturdays at 7am | TV ONE

About Rural Delivery

Rural Delivery is on Saturdays at 7am on TV ONE and is repeated at 6am on Sundays on TV ONE

A credible agricultural business show, showcasing the latest innovations and technology in the rural sector, as well as interviews with industry leaders, news headlines, market data, and weather

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About the show:

Rural Delivery is a show aimed at both farmers and city folk alike.

The show provides news and information for all farmers, while city slickers can learn about the people, businesses and developments taking place across the country outside the city limits.

Executive producer, Kirsty Cooper says Rural Delivery is an exciting programme 'celebrating the people and industries vital to this country's economic wellbeing'.

Agricultural and horticultural journalist, Roger Bourne presents the series which features rural high achievers, ground breaking research, rural news, regional weather forecasts and market information. Each week New Zealand's top executives, politicians and scientists talk about issues affecting the rural industry.

Kirsty Cooper says Rural Delivery primarily focuses on sheep, beef, dairy and cropping farmers but  also covers stories from the horticultural and viticultural industries.

'We bring viewers the most up-to-date information in rural news.  We also showcase the most innovative and profitable operations involved in New Zealand's agriculture and the top businessmen and women behind them'.

Contact us: Showdown Productions office, ph 09 360 0140 or email
For further information see the Rural Delivery website