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Sonny Wool makes his pick for ABs v Japan

Published: 12:42PM Friday September 16, 2011 Source: ONE News

'Psychic' sheep, Sonny Wool, has backed the All Blacks to win their Rugby World Cup game against Japan tonight.

The three-year-old sheep has been making headlines across the world since successfully predicting the outcome of the All Blacks versus Tonga match last Friday.

This morning he showed off his apparently remarkable gift of foresight at the Bowen Early Childhood Centre in Wilton, Wellington.

He indicated the All Blacks would win again after he was presented with two bowls of hay, one representing New Zealand and the other, Japan.

Sonny made straight for the hay underneath the New Zealand flag and hungrily devoured it.

It's unclear whether Sonny Wool has heard that Dan Carter, Richie McCaw, Israel Dagg and Mils Muliaina have been put out to pasture for this match.

He even seemed excited at one point and scraped the ground with his hoof as if indicating he was extremely confident about his selection.

Not even the attentions of the watching children, who came and stroked Sonny's coat, could distract him from his feed - it seemed as if he was lost in a psychic trance.

The sheep's special powers were first recognised when he was a young lamb and he would predict when it would rain by tapping on a door to get inside.

Sonny's owner Beverley Dowling told ONE News she does get extremely nervous before he makes his predictions.

"I think maybe he was just predicting rain before and the rest is fluke," she said.

"But I have faith in him, he's a special guy and I think when you're a special guy you tend to have a few gifts to make up for the things you haven't got - and there's a few things he hasn't got."

Should Sonny's prediction come through tonight, the pressure will be on for him to pick a winner in the All Blacks' crucial game against France next week.

"I have a French family staying at the farm and they're promising me they won't be whispering sweet French nothings to Sonny Wool," Dowling said.

"But sheep originated in France so next week is a bit of a neutral decision."

The apparently psychic ability of animals has been used to predict sporting events in the past, with the German octopus, Paul, succesfully choosing winners in the last Football World Cup.