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Pictures: Wellington Sevens 2014

Published: 12:45PM Friday February 07, 2014 Source: ONE News

New Zealand's biggest costume party is underway in Wellington.

Follow live updates from the Sevens here .

For those who want to watch the rugby, is live streaming all the Sevens action here .

Sevens police arrive at the stadium. 

Sevens fans wrap up ahead of day two weather conditions. 

Sevens early birds arrive ahead of day two. 




Sevens Pinocchio and Geppetto.

Sevens party goers pose for a photo.

Sevens priests get ready to party. 

Sevens Ali G's are in the stadium. 

Sevens brides and baseball players walk into the stadium.

Sevens punters dress up as Elvis. 

Sevens LEGO men patrol the stadium. 

Sevens cheerleader squad.

Sevens speedo cops take action. 

Sevens portrait costumes. 

Sevens lemon and prawns.

Sevens fans show off their costumes.

Field preparation at Westpac Stadium ahead of the Sevens.

Crowds stream into Westpac Stadium.

Sevens punters in costume.