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Pressure mounting as Hore's attack scrutinised

Published: 8:10PM Tuesday November 27, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

Critics are demanding All Blacks hooker Andrew Hore be sent home for his attack on Welsh lock Bradley Davies in the 33-10 win at Millennium Stadium on Sunday.

Davies is out of hospital, but out of contention to play against Australia next weekend and a judicial officer is set to consider what all this means for Hore's immediate future.

That hasn't stemmed the torrent of criticism of his actions, which occurred as he and Davies entered a ruck in the second minute of the Test.

While initial replays showed Hore felling his opponent from behind with a swinging arm, subsequent views clearly suggest Davies deliberately tried to run a line that impended the Kiwi's arrival at the breakdown.

"What Hore did has got no place on a rugby field, as far as I'm concerned," says Wales assistant coach Rob Howley. "It's an absolute disgrace."

And it seems the backlash against Hore is building. Former Wales flanker Lyn Jones called his actions a "cowardly assault... which is really, really sad, not just for the game, but also for the New Zealand nation as well.

"I'm sure they're very embarrassed by what's going on and this is as big as what happened with Keith Murdoch in 1972. If the fella has to be sent home because of this, it's not very sad - it's deserved."

Prop Murdoch was expelled from the '72 All Blacks tour of Britain after assaulting a security guard in Wales and has become a part of NZ sporting folklore for all the wrong reasons.

"I'm sure the hooker will be hugely embarrassed of his actions," said Jones. "There's a breakdown happening in front of him, which he needs to be concentrating on and he's just taken that fella out.

"Whether police get involved is another thing."

South Wales Police told ONE News they've had no complaint about Andrew Hore, and it would be unusual and unlikely for them to initiate an investigation into a player-on-player incident. But Europen correspondent Garth Bray was told he wasn't the first to ask if police were taking an interest.

A new angle on the incident shows Davies attempting to obstruct Hore as he runs towards the ruck but the Welshman's attempts to run interference are not viewed as justification for Hore's actions.

"There's no way you can justify it," says former Welsh flanker Kingsley Jones. "Bradley's actually doing his role here - he's trying to run a line to prevent Andrew Hore being effective support at that breakdown.

"It happens all the time in the game. That's what's brought that on - it's frustrated Andrew Hore and [Hore's response] is unforgivable."

All Blacks management say they'll address it at judiciary.

"Our goal is to play physical, attractive rugby," says assistant coach Ian Foster. "We believe we're doing that - it's unfortunate that something's happened and we'll deal with it in the appropriate channels."

"Full stop."

Hore took no part in the usual post-match indoor football game - he'lll find out on Thursday just how long his actions could keep him off the field.