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Chris Matthews: And the real Sevens winners were ...

opinion Chris Matthews

Published: 7:06AM Sunday February 03, 2013 Source: ONE Sport

The party of all parties has come to an end at the Wellington Sevens, but who were our winners from the whole ordeal?

We have at least some of the answers.

The Peter Jackson award for best execution in costume

International Man of Mystery Austin Powers and All Black legend Josh Kronfeld officially thought the Snow Domes were king so who am I to disagree?

The crew of eight, who all live in Wellington, won a total of $15,000 for being named the Costume Catwalk supreme winners and best group winners to boot. They took creativity to a whole new level and were definitely worthy of the spoils.

Honourable mention: 50 Shades of Grey, who won best female costume.

Check out a video of the Costume Catwalk winners and reaction from the Snow Domes here .

2012's winner: Lego Men
2011's winner: 19 Ginger Bread Man
2010's winner: The Avatar Crew

The Oscar the Grouch best use of trash award

The Post-it-Notes, who had hundreds of dirty messages plastered on them from head-to-toe.

2012's winner: Milk Carton Crew
2011's winner: The Libra Invisible Boys
2010's winner: The Pac-Men

The Generation Y tech-savvy award

The I-Pod Nanos, who really proved they are just a glorified I-Phone, minus the phone.

2012's winners: Skinny promo team
2011's winner: I-Phone Users
2010's winner: The Facebook girls

The Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror award

Live Wrong - Lance Armstrong. The cycling disgrace is more popular here than his native Texas.

2012's winner: Morph Suits
2011's winner: Mexicans
2010's winner: Jailbird Gangs

The Kanye West we know we're the best award

The three Brazilian girls, who really highlighted the attraction of travelling to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Who's in?

2012's winner: 44 Sperm.
2011's winner: The Baseball Girls
2010's winner: The 102 Dalmatians

The West Side is the Best side award

The Fiji fans (Block 7), who supported like no others, despite their team's woeful showing.

2012's winners: Three Sailor Girls
2011's winner: Fiji fans (Block 10)
2010's winner: Fiji fans (Block 13)

The stuff the rugby award goes to...

With the Rave Zone no longer, the Concourse, which is a walking meat market, was the location of choice for those who couldn't care less that New Zealand didn't win a third successive title.

2012's winner: The Rave Zone
2011's winner: The Rave Zone
2010's winner: The Rave Zone

The President Obama "Yes, we can" award

The Wellington Sevens organisers, who successfully implemented their wrist-band scheme with little fuss.

2012's winner:New Zealand team
2011's winner: New Zealand team
2010's winner: Some streaker

The Fair Go award for best interlude

Forget about Psy. Rihanna's 'We Found Love' may be over a year old, but damn, it's a hit that just keeps on giving.

2012's winner:Oasis' Wonderwall
2011's winner: The Dirty Dancing Remix
2010's winner: Michael Jackson's Thriller

The Shane Watson award for the most hated team

England. Usually Australia's domain, the victorious English won few friends for beating New Zealand and then everyone's second-favourite team, Kenya.

2012's winner: Australia
2011's winner: Australia
2010's winner: Australia

The All Blacks award for biggest chokers

They may have the best fans in the stadium, but the flying Fijians hit rock bottom by failing to make the Cup quarter-finals for the first time in their history.

2012's winner: Kenya
2011's winner: Fiji
2010's winner: New Zealand

The LeBron James MVP award

Willy Ambaka of Kenya was a revelation for the African nation. Scoring six tries, his pace and power was unstoppable, and he was unlucky not to lead his nation to their first-ever New Zealand title.

2012's winner: Tomasi Cama (New Zealand)
2011's winner: Declan O'Donnell (New Zealand)
2010's winner: William Ryder (Fiji)