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Rick Steins French Odyssey

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In Rick Stein's Food Heroes: Another Helping, ebullient chef and restaurateur Rick Stein continues his quest to prove that English cuisine consists of more than just bangers, mash and mushy peas.

In this series, Stein, who is primarily known for his skills with seafood, and his faithful pooch Chalky journey to the Emerald Isle and visit Cork's English market to buy traditionally made corned beef. In Wales, they watch as sea trout are netted in the traditional way, using ancient boats known as coracles, and discover the delights of razorfish, thanks to Fast Eddy's Seafood Market in Edinburgh.

Devon is full of surprises. Stein swears that Mike Holsworthy's buffalo mozzarella is every bit as tasty as the Italian versions. And in Yorkshire, he meets a true food heroine, Diane Halliday, a farmer's wife, who turned the disaster of foot and mouth disease into a triumph, by producing a range of delicious cakes that are now stocked in markets throughout the North of England.

It's not all about work though; Stein meets up with a few old friends along the way. The Food Editor of London's Guardian newspaper, Matthew Fort, takes him to Stroud farmers' market - one of the best in England - and cooks a tasty lunch with the fresh produce they purchase. And Julian Templerley introduces Rick to his excellent cider brandy - good enough to rival French Calvados.

Watch as Rick Stein proves that English cooking is as full of flair as its continental cousins in Rick Stein's Food Heroes.