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Revenge: the one page guide

1/ Amanda Clarke's dad was framed for terrorist activities when she was small. She vows revenge on Conrad and Victoria Grayson, the 'royalty' of the Hamptons and the ones behind her father's betrayal


2/ In order to get her revenge
, she moves back to the Hamptons with a new look and a new name - Emily Thorne .

3/ Only one person recognises her
- Nolan Ross . For reasons of his own he vows to help her get even. 


4/ Of course, there's a love triangle.

Daniel Grayson (who she started dating as part of her plan but then fell for) vs Jack Porter (childhood sweetheart who fails to recognise her despite multiple clues involving his dog, Sammy. Oh the tragedy...)


5/ There are currently 3 villians stirring the p(l)ot.
Looney-tunes Tyler who's just plain nutso and a conman; ex-Conrad-Grayson-mistress Lydia who wants counter-revenge on Emily; and Fauxmanda (the real Emily Thorne who has stolen Amanda's identity and put the moves on Jack - see Love Triangle, above)


6/ On the sidelines 

There's a couple of younger siblings (Jack's brother Declan, and Daniel's sister Charlotte


and Emily's friend Ashley who is Victoria Grayson's assistant and friendly with Looney-tunes Tyler

7/ Someone gets shot at Emily and Daniel's engagement party (which hasn't happened yet.) We are supposed to think it will be Daniel who dies (but he's awfully cute to kill off...)