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Little Amanda Clarke and her dad

"Do you know how much I love you Amanda? Infinity... times infinity.."

"Want to know a trick? Plant your feet in the sand and you stand still through the whole first wave. Then the next wave is going to feel warmer. And then the one after that is going to feel warmer still until finally you're barely going to notice the cold at all..."

On the night the FBI raided the Clarke's Hampton home, Victoria attempted to ring David but the raid took place before she was able to talk to him.

As young Emily was carried out, struggling, in the arms of an FBI agent, she passed Victoria and Conrad Grayson who were watching the raid from the porch. 

When teenage Emily was released from Juvie , she was met by Nolan Ross who informed her that her dad had died six weeks ago and that she now owned a 49% share in Nolan's company.

He also gave her David's infinity box which contained details of all the people who betrayed him. 

Until this point, Emily had believed her dad was guilty and had not seen him for 10 years. She vows to take revenge on the Graysons and everyone who took part in the plot to betray her father..

The letter:

"My dear Amanda,

"If you're reading this then two things have come to pass. 

"I am finally able to provide you the life you were unjustly denied.

"And sadly I won't be able to share that life with you.

"I hope these journals provide answers to the questions you've had all these years.

"I am not the man I say I am.

"And I did not do the things they say I did.

"All I ask is that you promise to do the one thing that's been so hard for me to do.


Journal excerpts:

".... no longer loved you. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have loved you with every cell of my being.

"All these years.

"You are my future.

"I have tried to protect you from the evil that others have brought to our family.

"Please believe I am innocent of all that I have been accused.

"One day the truth will emerge.

"Please forgive me and forgive those who [destroyed] our happiness.

"They will pay... You must forgive." 


"My dear Amanda

"The worst betrayals always come from the ones we trust the most.

"If I'm at all culpable for what happened to us, it's because I gave away my trust too easily..." 


The night after Kingsley presented his closing arguments, Victoria managed to get a note to me."

" My dear David, I am so horrified by whats happened to you, and I know how betrayed you feel. I can't tell you everything in a letter, but I'm going to Kingsley in the morning with evidence that will exonerate you.

"By this time tomorrow, the judge will have declared a mistrial, and this nightmare will be behind you, behind both of us.

"Forgive me."

"Whatever Victoria said to Kingsley, it didn't change his mind.

"After only one day of deliberations, the jury convicted me on all counts.

"With friends like the Graysons, Kingsley will probably wind up president someday."


"Conrad and Victoria knew the victims' families would need a devil to shoulder the blame for the money Conrad had been laundering for the terrorists.

"They chose me as the patsy, while passing themselves off as grieving benefactors.

"Never underestimate the power of guilt, Amanda. It compels people to some pretty remarkable places."