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Reno Rumble

Starts Wednesday 5 August | TV2

Kyal & Kara

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Carpenter and Physiotherapist
Charity: Cancer Council

The Super Ks are back and will bring their chilled out, calm and collected vibe to TV's toughest renovation contest to date.

These young surfers from the Central Coast of NSW, who met when they were 16 and 17 respectively, bought a 95 square shack when they married, and spent three years building a massive 300 square metre house around it.

It recently went to auction while they were on Reno Rumble and the real estate agents had to organise security to keep the crowds under control as Super K fans flocked to their tiny beach town for a look! 

It's no surprise Kyal and Kara have fans everywhere they go. Not only are they kind and polite, but incredibly talented.

They scored win after win on The Block Fans v Faves, earning the nickname The Super Ks.

Their love of timber was on full display in their Albert Park apartment, with one of their neighbours affectionately likening it to “the inside of a log”.

This time around on Reno Rumble they will have to respond to the homeowner's brief, not the usual default position of what they love.

Kyal's life motto –“Keep calm and go surfing” – will be put to the test. Especially since they have never renovated a whole house in a week before
and there won't be a beach in sight.

They are coming back to renovation reality because they enjoy the creative process and have missed the buzz, busyness and adrenaline they experienced on The Block.

Kara likes to have fun but is sensible at heart. Kyal can very easily be led astray, and fellow Redback jokesters Michael and Ayden pose
the biggest threat to derail his Rumble mission.