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David Potter is the bane of Cleaver's life. A scrupulously honest barrister who specialises in taxation matters, David represents the Tax Office in its on-going case against Cleaver - who hasn't paid tax for a very, very long time.

David has lived a pure life - as he has always seen a future in politics for himself. From humble beginnings, he studied hard and did very well at uni. But he's also the guy at the party who's never taken a tab of acid ... Not because he thinks there's necessarily anything wrong with it - he's no wowser - he fears a question from a journalist - some time down the track - about his past. So, he has sacrificed ... and continues to do so.

He hopes those sacrifices will be rewarded. And that those who don't sacrifice, who don't pay their dues ... like Cleaver Greene, will be exposed for what they are and suffer the appropriate consequences.


About Matt Day

Matt Day has established a reputation as one of Australia's leading film and television actors. His film credits includeMuriel's Wedding;Doing Time for Patsy Cline;Love and Other Catastrophes; andKiss or Kill, for which he received a Critics Circle Award nomination and an AFI Award nomination. His most recent film was a starring role inMy Year Without Sexwhich enjoyed both critical and box office success and screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Matt has also appeared in leading roles in numerous Australian television series includingMy Brother Jack;The Informant;Hell Has Harbour Views; and most recently series 1 & 2 of the Southern Star productionTangle- which premiered in 2009 - and the latest series ofUnderbelly: The Golden Mile. His international productions includeShackleton;The Hound of the Baskervilles;And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself;The Commander; andSpooks. Matt has also appeared for the Melbourne Theatre Company and the Sydney Theatre Company.