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Tim Watkin: Blog archive

Published: 1:34PM Wednesday March 18, 2009

Tim Watkin is the producer of Q+A and writes a weekly blog about the political issues the programme deals with.

Tim's Blogs:


August 26: It's time to talk about child poverty again
May 9: Teen DPB mums not a scourge

April 1: Poll kick in the pants for Labour
March 18: More needed than Budget surplus
March 11: Good first outing for Shearer

November 25: Swift campaigns change policy landscape
November 16: Key loses judgement in tea saga
November 11: Lucky Winston the winner
November 8: Principles bend to fix the times
October 30: The elephant in the room
October 28: Labour saving for tomorrow
October 18: Why Epsom matters
September 20: Political reputations are on the line
September 15: RWC crowd chaos
September 1: A lobby with clout
August 17: Political distraction
August 9: We want answers and cheaper milk
July 13: Management wisdom
July 8: The knowledge wave
June 23: Is Winston Peters past his sell-by-date?
June 8: Welfare debate stirs record feedback
May 12: Politics needs science
April 27: Asking 'why' of Afghanistan 
April 5: Heke move brings huge opportunity
March 23: Quake's political aftermath 


November 11: Back to the future?
September 8: Lessons from the Australian election
August 8: Answers over Afghanistan
July 23: Tim Watkin: Locking people up a costly obsession
June 18: Chasing Chris Carter
May 19: How to protect NZ's "new oil"
April 28: Dialogue with the Taliban?
April 21: NZ not good enough as super-hub?
March 17: NZ a seventh state of Australia? Never
February 26: The Heatley Question
February 17: Choosing what's best for NZ democracy
January 28: Who pays the price of tax cuts for the rich?


November 19: Is the Maori party looking at the big picture?
November 12: What's in a backbench MP's package?
October 14: What makes good political interviewing?
October 8: New Zealand's new best friend?
October 1: Don't leave road safety to the sharks
September 23: Is Key's call for a Global Alliance just hot air?
September 16: Why the ETS gift for industry?
September 9: What now for the Families Commission?
September 3: Winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan
August 20: First crack in Key's uneasy coalition
August 12: English tinkers with tax at his peril
August 6: Representative democracy costs money
July 31: The smacking argument continues
July 8: The foreshore, parole and Winston
July 1: Band aid weeks in the Middle East
June 23: Advance Australia Fair
June 17: How much pain is enough?
May 28: Home insulation: Green Party's deal with the devil
May 20: Trademe, gun sales and gun laws...
May 14: Crimianls can't use off-ramps?
May 5: Maori Party's foreign policy stance
April 29: Auckland super city fails to sell
April 23: National's honeymoon coming to an end
April 15: Is democracy unrealistic in Fiji?
April 8: Deficits and controversial statements
April 3: A grunty line-up
March 31: Iwi, prisons and privatisation
March 27: Crusher Collins gets tough
March 20: Getting to the heart of the matter

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