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Q+A: Sunday March 11

Published: 8:02PM Friday March 09, 2012 Source: Q+A

David Shearer
On the first Q+A of 2012 this Sunday (9am, TV ONE), new Labour leader David Shearer gives his first extended television interview as he starts re-positioning his party for a new era.

What does he - and his Labour party - stand for? Whats his vision for New Zealand? And does he have the chops to take on and defeat John Keys National-led government? David Shearer is live with new Q+A interviewer Shane Taurima.

Port dispute
Then, the Ports of Auckland dispute - is it over or has it just begun? And what roles does Auckland City have in this destructive industrial battle? Paul Holmes talks to Maritime Union boss Gary Parsloe, Ports of Auckland Chair Richard Pearson and Auckland Mayor Len Brown. Whats behind this dispute and whats next?

Political analyst Raymond Miller is joined on the panel by former major party presidents Mike Williams and Michelle Boag.