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Q+A: May 29

Published: 4:32PM Friday May 27, 2011 Source: Q+A

Outgoing Secretary to the Treasury, John Whitehead is off to the World Bank. Guyon Espiner will be talking to him about the state of the economy - we last interviewed him exactly a year ago, and a lot has changed.

With Treasury once again predicting some positive growth in the years to come, we'll look at whether their crystal ball might need a bit of a polish, and discuss Mr Whitehead's parting gift, which sees Treasury now taking account of social and environmental impacts of policy, rather than just counting the dollars and cents.

Paul Holmes will interview Trade Me founder Sam Morgan about his latest project - Pacific Fibre - a new, high-capacity cable linking us with the US and predicted to deliver faster, cheaper internet. Without such an upgrade, and relying on our existing overseas connections, Sam Morgan says the Government's new multi-billion dollar high speed broadband initiative is "destined to fail".

Joining Dr Jon Johansson on the panel is Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown and Canterbury University Vice Chancellor Rod Carr.

Q+A: 9-10am Sundays on TV ONE

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