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Coming up on Q + A: Bill English

Published: 1:42PM Friday April 08, 2011 Source: ONE News

This week on Q+A Finance Minister Bill English gives his last TV interview before the Budget.

With a potential AMI bailout putting more pressure on the government accounts, what can we expect come May? What does this mean for the planned state asset sales? And where does he draw the line between necessities and 'nice to haves'?

Paul Holmes talks to new police commissioner Peter Marshall, who started in the job this week. Under strict instructions to reform the police and reconnect HQ with the cops on the beat, what changes does he have planned? Can he overhaul its culture in just three years?

Joining Dr Jon Johansson on the panel this weekend are two leaders with their fingers on the pulse of economy: Council of Trade Unions President Helen Kelly and Mainfreight CEO Don Braid.

Q + A is broadcast live 9-10am Sunday on TV ONE and repeated at 9.10pm on Sunday nights and 10.10am and 2.10pm on Mondays on TVNZ 7.

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