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PURINA Pound Pups To Dog Stars


Season 2 Ep 9: Orville

Purina Pound Pups To Dog Stars on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand


As a nine month old, Bull Terrier cross Orville was just days away from death when he was rescued. A serious case of mange had left his whole body a weeping sore. He weighed just seven kilograms, rather than his ideal 15 kilograms and his digestive system was severely compromised. Once he recovered it became clear he’d had no learning. Orville was clinically hyperactive, with no bite inhibition. Even though he was just a goofy pup, his jumping up and mouthing was a serious problem. As he became happier and more confident in his new environment, his naïve behaviour also started to cause problems with other dogs and fights started to break out.

Orville required a diet that was highly digestible and gentle on his digestive system. Orville is fed PROP LAN Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach, which combines specialised nutrients and alternative sources of carbohydrates and protein to help maintain healthy skin and digestion.

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