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PURINA Pound Pups To Dog Stars


Season 2 Ep 6: Boy

Purina Pound Pups To Dog Stars on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand


Boy is a much-loved 10-month-old Border Collie Beardie cross who lives amongst the protected flora and fauna of the beautiful West Coast. His owner raised him from a pup, but at an early age Boy started showing signs he was becoming a dangerous predator.

After killing a petrel, and attacking a seal, he was facing the prospect of being put down. When Boy then showed aggression to a child his owner realised she had a very serious problem and called in Mark to deal with his predatory behaviour. Puppies require a different diet to adult dogs so Boy was being fed Purina ONE Healthy Puppy. This is formulated with high levels of essential nutrients, including more protein, to get puppies growing. Boy is now over 12 months old so he has been transitioned onto Purina ONE Adult Chicken and Rice.

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