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PURINA Pound Pups To Dog Stars


Season 2 Ep 10: Finn

Purina Pound Pups To Dog Stars on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand


Finn is just a tiny pup, but already a true survivor. He was one of a litter of 13 Huntaway Ridgeback cross puppies. Seven of his brothers and sisters were deliberately drowned by their owner who didn’t want them. A neighbour intervened and saved the remaining six puppies. Mark chose Finn, and now Jaz is training up the tiny puppy – and dealing with all those puppy problems – so Finn can be the best dog he can be.

The first four months of a puppy’s life are the most critical for establishing positive behaviours. Training should include house training, learning how to be separated from owners without anxiety and how to not be destructive. Socialisation with people, dogs and other species is critical to avoid aggression and predatory behaviours. It’s important to start training young and put the building blocks in place.

Being a Huntaway Ridgeback cross, Finn is going to grow to be a big boy. A puppy food should be specific to the size of the breed of dog, and so Finn is being fed PROPLAN Focus Large Breed Puppy. This is balanced to promote the optimal growth rate and body condition for larger breed puppies and also contains DHA to help nourish brain and vision development.

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