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PURINA Pound Pups To Dog Stars


Season 2 Ep 1 : Lacey

Purina Pound Pups To Dog Stars on TV ONE and TVNZ OnDemand


Lacey is a Boxer/Staffy cross who has led a tough life. When she was found in the far north, she had a rope embedded in her neck. Lacey needed surgery to remove the rope and she required numerous stitches right around her neck. All owners have a responsibility to make sure their dog’s collars fit correctly and to buy bigger collars for their puppies as they grow. Lacey understandably was fearful of everything and would roll over in submission at the slightest movement. With a soft nature her confidence needed to be built up to face even the most basic of tasks, like walking up a ramp. But as she started to come out of her shell, Lacey’s predatory instincts developed and she began chasing after chickens.

With work to build her trust and confidence, Lacey has come a long way and has developed into a confident and loving dog, having a particularly beautiful bond with children.

Lacey is fed Purina ONE Adult Chicken and Ricewhich is very palatable and features a complete protein profile comprised of chicken, grains and other high quality ingredients.

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