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Season 1 Ep 8 - Kaiser

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Episode 8 - Kaiser

Kaiser is a white German Shepard who was surrendered to German Shepherd Rescue after going through three owners in his first 18 months of life. Kaiser's first owner bought him as a puppy and left him tied up on the deck. He wasn't socialised or shown any attention and this led to out of control behaviour and aggression. His next two owners did try to work with him but soon gave him up after been unable to deal with his unpredictable and aggressive behaviour.

Kaiser was lucky that German Shepherd Rescue agreed to take him. They are passionate about German Shepherds and could see that there was possibly some hope for him with some intensive rehabilitation. Mark also saw the potential in Kaiser and agreed to take him in and begin rehabilitation.

Kaiser's behaviour wasn't easy to fix, Mark Vette and his team had to overcome a host of issues, over-protectiveness, wariness of people, and territorial aggression. If these issues couldn't be overcome then he really wouldn't be able to be rehomed.
German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs and Kaiser did start to learn the behaviour that was expected of him. With the specialised training that Mark and his team were able to offer him this meant that Kaiser could overcome these issues. He was rehomed with a fantastic family were he gets to enjoy his passion for water and ball play.

Kaiser is fed Purina ONE Adult Chicken and Rice which includes Glucosamine, an essential nutrient for large breed dogs especially German Shepherds that are prone to hip and joint issues.