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Season 1 Ep 4 - Pippy

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Episode 4 - Pippy

Pippy is a two year old Jack Russell. Mark collected her directly from the pound after her owners refused to pick her up. It wasn't the first time that the pound had found Pippy wandering the streets and her owners were not prepared to pay the fine again.

Pippy is an extremely loving dog who builds an attachment to people very easily. It's this desire for human company that probably led to her escaping from her home and wandering around the neighborhood. She would have been lonely during the day and looking for her family while they were at work.

Pippy's personality is typical Jack Russell, extremely full on, intelligent and very confident. She's an attractive dog with lovely markings.

Pippy's high activity level, great sense of smell and real determination with that "never give up attitude" of a Jack Russell made her a great candidate to become a truffle dog. Pippy went through some intense training and showed she had the necessary skills to search out this food delicacy. She was adopted by a family in Rotorua to become a working truffle dog.

Pippy is fed Purina ONE Adult Chicken and Rice.