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Roly - Shar Pei Mixed Breed (Akl)

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ADULT Shar Pei Mixed Breed


Hi Im Roly. Im a 4 year old Shar Pei Mixed Breed who was relinquished to Chained Dog Awareness. Like all chained dogs, I was chained up in the back yard with a makeshift shelter and when it rained my owners would put me under the house. However, although it may seem like my situation is like many others in backyards all around the country, I was one of the lucky ones... my owners genuinely cared about me.

When my rescuer visited they were happy for her to meet me, they listened to her advice, they changed my food to help my tummy and gave me fresh blankets so the fleas wouldnt come back. On my rescuers second visit they told her that they wanted me to have a great life and they couldnt give me that and they wanted my rescuer to take me and find me a home. Great news, right?!

Unfortunately my struggle doesnt end there. After I had settled in at my foster home and adjusted to all the things that normal life brings, I was off to the vet for 'the snip'. While at the clinic, the vet discovered my heart wasnt working how it should be... I had a heart murmur. I have medication and now am required to live the life of a gentleman. No stress, excitement or over exerting.

That being said, to know me is to love me. I am a huge boy that just wants to be a lap cat.


Contactthe team at CDANZ (Chained Dog Awareness New Zealand) to find out more information.


Phone: 021 177 6891

All adoptions are subject to CDANZs home approval process and adoption contracts. CDANZ offers a fully supported trial adoption period

While TVNZ, Purina and AOQ support and encourage the adoption of these rescue dogs please note these dogs have not been screened or endorsed by either party.