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Lomu - Male Rottweiler (Wgtn)

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ADULT Male rottweiler


Lomu has spent his life on a chain in a backyard. Lomu has had very little to no medical care. When he came to us at HUHA it was his first time away from his home, his first car ride, his first taste of the outside world. Lomu is supposed to be 6 years old but he looks much older.

His teeth a worn down (a sign of chewing stones or the chain) his back legs are weak, he has arthritis and is in need of a cruciate repair. His eyes were infected and he had a condition called entropian which we had surgically repaired and his infection treated. He is on pain relief for his wobbly knees.Lomu was very scared when he came to us. He couldn't see well and he was confused at the new smells, new people, the cars and other dogs. 

We gave him a new collar, a big comfortable bed, duvets, pillows and teddies. We brushed him, cuddled him, talked to him, and introduced him to balls, toys and his favourite big tiger teddy that is the size of him. We gave him good food to build his strength. He spends so much time in HUHA's large grassy yards, sniffing and exploring. He loves to see us and he adores watching children run and play. His whole body wriggles in happiness and he leans against you for kisses and cuddles.

Lomu is not available for adoption yet.

He still needs more time with us. We want to make sure he is physically well, we want to surround him with so much love he forgets his old life and we want him to have joy in every day. His beautiful smile tells us we are getting there.


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