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Country Calendar is the longest running programme on New Zealand Television.

You will be hard pressed to find another series that is the perfect amalgamation of stunningly beautiful high definition pictures and human stories of courage - of following a dream to fruition and finding success from living a life of plenty from the land.

Spanning more than 45 years of production, Country Calendars’ stories have become increasingly diverse. Amongst the bucolic tales of farming, fishing and forestry, there are high country musters, floods, organic brewing, falconry, tobacco farming, and newer ventures such as truffle and alpaca farming. Its popularity has not dimmed, remaining one of New Zealand’s top-rating shows as it enters its 49th year of production. It’s watched as much in the cities as it is in the provinces where the stories come from.

The show’s producer, Frank Torley, believes nostalgia for the idea of earning an honest living from the land is what makes city people yearn for the lifestyles the show portrays.

Country Calendar has 26 new episodes being added every year. HD episodes available from 2011 onward. Themed packages available on request.

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