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Shonda Rhimes likes to watch

It's good to know that Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is human too!

She spoke out about her favourite TV programmes and her emotional attachment to the characters recently on her blog.

Here's what she had to say....

"...When I watch TV and things happen like the Scooby Gang raises Buffy out of her scary grave or Felicity goes back in time or they take their sweet time telling me what those numbers mean over on Lost... I get a little nutty. I sometimes get irate. Because these are my shows. These are my people. These are my FRIENDS THESE WRITERS ARE MESSING WITH.

I don't say this lightly. I am a hardcore TV watching fanatic. I was deprived of it as a kid.  So now, as an adult, I am deep into it. I dig my TV. So when shows take leaps, I go a little out of my mind.

I go a little out of my mind, I shake my fist to the heavens, I tear at my hair and I ask the writing gods WHY?!!!! 


I go all drama on my own ass and then I lie back down on the sofa and keep watching. Mainly because I'm lazy and shaking one's fist to the heavens is exhausting.  But also because I'm interested in seeing what happens next. And because the writers have asked me to leap and so I'm gonna leap with them."