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Hanna and Aria from Pretty Little Liars on TV2

Aria is hot for the teacher...

Turns out the hot guy Aria ( Lucy Hale) hooked up with is her new English teacher Mr Fitz . Now she's fighting temptation in the classroom while keeping secrets for her father too.

Hanna has sticky fingers...

Now Alison has gone, Hanna ( Ashley Benson) has become the most popular girl in school and the memories of her as the fat girl are fading. But now she's turned to shoplifting instead of eating and it's only a matter of time before word gets around that she was busted.

Spencer wants her sister's toys....

Spencer ( Troian Bellisario ) is a perfectionist and straight-A student but that doesn't stop her from wanting what belongs to her sister. This time it's her sister's future husband who's in her sights.

Does Emily likes girls...?

Emily ( Shay Mitchell) might have a boyfriend but she's getting awfully close to her new neighbor, Maya. Is she the first or is Emily hiding even more...?

And what do our pretty little liars know about Alison's ( Sasha Pieterse) disappearance? They're definitely hiding a whole lot more secrets as well.....  

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Style Secrets 

The always fabulously dressed Pretty Little Liars share their style secrets in our photo gallery. 


Pretty Little Liars on TV2 Aria and Ezra from Pretty Little Liars on TV2
Ashley Benson as Hanna in Pretty Little Liars on TV2 Troian Bellisario as Spencer in Pretty Little Liars on TV2