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David Wikaira-Paul

Winner - So You Wanna Be A Popstar?

David Wikaira-Paul (22) was Shortland Street's favourite son, first appearing in 2000 as the fresh-faced 14 year-old Tama Hudson. Despite his youthful appearance, David was actually 19 and had just graduated from Northland Polytechnic with a Certificate in Applied Arts, Music and Drama.

His performance as Tama gained him great popularity throughout New Zealand, especially with younger viewers. David was also a contestant on the second series of Dancing With The Stars, and says his greatest achievement was "wearing pink lycra on live television!"

David is lesser known for his musical talents, but has sung since childhood. "It all started in the womb. My mum is a funky diva!" David explains.

David is a big fan of homegrown music, and lists Fat Freddy's Drop, Nesian Mystik and Che Fu on his current playlist.

His hip hop group Medical Clan won the prestigious South Side Gig in both 2000 and 2003, and he has written several songs which he has performed on screen. Medical Clan also performed as part of TV2's 24 hour live music show, National Anthem.

He had several roles in television and the theatre before being cast on So You Wanna Be A Popstar? This celebrity singing contest was David's first shot at musical stardom, and he won the show hands down with four times the votes of any other contestant.