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David is eliminated

David's out! David was eliminated on Sunday night after he and Nik both sang in the elimination challenge.

Here's what else happened on the show:

First up was David with The Exponents Why Does Love Do This To Me? Peter said it was "like a tight sweater. you tried to pull it off but you couldn't." Kim said "sterling effort, but you didn't quite get there for me." And Harry said he had seen him perform more convincingly.

Then it was Emily with Let's Hear It For The Boy. Kim said  she made it look so easy. Jordan said: "let's hear it for Emily. You soared through that performance ... it was golden, like your outfit". Harry said "you made it look effortless and you made it fun". And Peter said that song was "custom-made for you".

The Boys (Matt, David and Nik) were up stage next, back by popular demand, with Working My Way Back To You Girl. The judges weren't so impressed. Harry said that song showed the strengths and weaknesses of everyone's voices, and he felt only Matt did well. Kim said she "didn't really believe it" and Peter said "bit patchy boys".

After the ad-break was Joe with Not Ready to Make Nice by the Dixie Chicks. Kim said it was fantastic. "The performance built beautifully." She said they choose that song for her becuase it was out of her comfort zone. Now she had moved "out of your comfort zone and into the VIP room". Peter said he believed every word she sang. "You could grace any stage in the world with that performance".

Nik was next with Bonnie Rait's song I Can't Make You Love Me. Jordan said it was fantasic. "Wonderful, warm, rich tones to your voice... Your best performance during this series." Kim said "you made me fall in live with you all over again". Peter said he deserved to be here at the end of the series.

Then the Girls (Joe and Emily) sang Youthful by Anika Moa. The judges were again not impressed. Kim said the group songs weren't "doing it" for her tonight. Peter said it left him slightly unmoved.

Next up was Matt with Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer. Harry said "you do dark and moody well. It was really good." Kim said there was good spirit to that performance. "And you're such a spunk." Jordan said it was one of the hardest songs anyone had had to sing, but "it was good". Peter said "tonight you absolutely rocked it".

Then Dom revealed it'll be Nik versus David in the elimination challenge.

David was up first with Ordinary People. Jordan said he'd done well. Peter said it was an excellent song choice and "your charisma and your ability to win over an audience is an undeniable part of the whole package." Kim agreed, and Harry said he could hear a "growing maturity in your voice". "And the camera loves you."

Nik sang an unreleased Mariah Carey single. Jordan said he wouldn't pick that song for a single. Peter said it was like "plucking defeat from the jaws of victory. You could have dealt to David but it didn't get me going."

After the performances Kim said they didn't think either of them had made good decisions with their elimination songs, so they had to base their decision on general performances throughout the whole series. And then Harry announced Nik was staying, and David was eliminated!

David finished the show with the song he began it with - Why Does Love Do This To Me?