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Pops Ultimate Star

"Alas Camillia, we must say farewell"

"I felt like I was on Treasure Island or Survivor. It's definitely a reality TV show."

Looking back on her time on Pop's Ultimate Star, Camillia said while the use of immunity saved her a few times, it made her feel like it was a reality tv show rather than a singing competition.

However she loved her time on the show saying "it has been an amazing journey", and she felt relaxed, relieved and happy about leaving.

She had come on the show to get over certain fears.

"I didn't believe in myself as an artist," she said.

That's now changed, and she was looking forward to getting back to writing, being in the studio and working with other artists, as well as getting back to being a mother.

"I've been able to validate myself as an artist," she said.

It had been "interesting" being back in the public eye, including having to deal with a couple of "gruesome" comments made about her on some websites.
"On a bad day it can get you down," she admitted. But when you had your family there to support you, and your friends you learned to laugh about it.

"Nik loves going online. We had a crack-up on some website where they were totally brutal."

She said she knew Nik from when they were young and they used to sing country music together, and it had been great working with him again now that they were older.

In fact she wouldn't have wanted to be in the elimination episode with anyone else, he made her relax and "took the seriousness out of it".

Camillia also took the time to discuss some of the issues that have really been heating up our message board, including saying Harry was right to have made comments about Matt missing rehearsal on TV.

"Matt was being unprofessional.

"You cannot miss appointments. Everyone has their own stresses& you still have to turn up."

She said everyone got along great behind the scenes.

"If anything there had been a slight tension between Joe and Emily at the start. But now they are like buddies, so close."

And while some people may consider it unfair Joe is able to use her radio show to promote herself, Camillia said Joe had always said she was welcome to come on the show herself. It was a different show from Idol where there were strict rules about how contestants were allowed to promote themselves outside of the show, she said.

And pressed for something that had made her laugh during her time on the show, she spoke in wonder of Steve's ability to whistle - apparently whole harmonies on Mariah Carey tracks!

Who would have thought?