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Marae - DigiPoll July 2008 Hauraki-Waikato Electorate

Q1. Party Vote

If an election was held today which political party would you vote for?

Labour     33.4%
Maori Party    44.9%
National    12%
NZ First       5.1%
Greens       2.9%
Others       0.9%

Q2. Electorate Vote

Now taking your second vote under MMP which is for the Maori Seat, which candiate would you give your seat vote to? 

Nanaia Mahuta of the Labour Party  45.3%
Angeline Greensill of the Maori Party  41.4%
The unnamed Green Candidate      4.9%
The unnamed other parties                           7.4%
Other         1.1%

Marae DigiPoll Feb 2008
(Unnamed candidate)
Labour Party electorate candidate  37%
Maori Party electorate candidate   45%

Q3. Of all political leaders in New Zealand, who is your preferred Prime Minister?

Helen CLARK     36.5%
John KEY       9.2%
Winston PETERS       8.4%
Tariana TURIA       7.4%
Pita SHARPLES       6.2%
Others        5.7%
None        9.2%
Don't know     17.4%

Q4. How satisfied are you with the government's performance?

Very satisfied    3.5%  
Satisfied   43.2%  
Not satisfied  51.1%  
Don't know    2.2%  
Q5. Do you think the government is heading in the right direction?

Yes   37.1%
No   51.2%
Don't Know  11.7%

Q6. Of all Maori MPs in Parliament, which one do you like the most?

Pita Sharples  25.5%  
Nanaia Mahuta  13.4%
Winston Peters  10.6%
Tariana Turia  10.4%
Hone Harawira    7.4% 
Parekura Horomia   6.2%
Te Ururoa Flavell   1.7%
Shane Jones    1.2%
Tau Henare    1.0%
Georgina te Heuheu   1.0%
Other     3.5%
Don't Know  18.1%

Q7. In your opinion, which Maori MP is most effective in representing your views?

Pita Sharples  20.1%  
Nanaia Mahuta  12.9%  
Winston Peters  10.4%
Hone Harawira    9.7%
Tariana Turia    7.7%
Parekura Horomia   4.7%
Te Ururoa Flavell   1.0%
Shane Jones    0.5% 
Other     4.7%
Don't Know  28.3%  

Q8. How satisfied are you with the performance of the Labour Party Maori MPs?

Very satisfied    7.5%  
Satisfied   57.7%  
Not satisfied  29.1%  
Don't know/Refused   5.7%  

Q9. How satisfied are you with the performance of the Maori Party MPs?
Very satisfied  20.1%  
Satisfied   59.8%  
Not satisfied  11.7%  
Don't know  8.4%  
Q10. How satisfied are you with the performance of the National Party Maori MPs,
Georgina te Heuheu and Tau Henare?
Very satisfied    3.7%  
Satisfied   43.5%  
Not satisfied  38.8%  
Don't know/Refused 13.9% 

Q11: What is the most important issue for you right now? Top 11

The Economy  16.4%
Cost of Living  10.2%
Education  10.0%
Maori/Treaty Issues   9.7%
Law & Order    9.2%
Health     7.0%
Family Issues    7.0%
Tax Cuts/high taxes   6.5%
Low Wages    2.0%
Unemployment    2.0%
House Prices    2.0%

Q12. Do you think of yourself as a&

New Zealander first 17.2%  
Maori first  70.6%  
Both   11.9%  
Don't know    0.2%