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Meet the Presenters of the ASB PolyFest '12 series

Episode 1 - (TX date: Saturday July 21 @ 9.30am on TV2)

TONGA stage presenters are Albert Mateni and Lolo Fonua. They bring you the best dances from the humble kingdom and the most talented stallions in town. OUA!


Episode 2 - (TX date: Saturday July 28th @ 9.30am on TV2)

SAMOA Stage presenter  Mario Faumui , brings you the freshest talent on the Samoan stage. Slaps, stomps and smiles that will satisfy and some.


Episode 3 - (TX date: Saturday August 4th @ 9.30am on TV2) 
MAORI Stage presenter  Olly Coddington, brings you the 'nephs' and 'aunties' and all the tumeke epicness from the Maori stage!


Episode 4 - (TX date: Saturday August 11th @ 9.30am on TV2) 
COOK ISLANDS Stage presenters Joyana Myer and James Maeva, bring you the sexy sways of the kukies.


Episode 5 - (TX date: Saturday August 18th @ 9.30am on TV2) 
NIUE Stage presenters Ennaolla Paea and Glenda Huch, get buck at the Savage stage to see which warriors have the will to win!.


Episode 6 - (TX date: Saturday August 25th @ 9.30am on TV2) 
DIVERSITY Stage presenter Kristine Green, brings you international flavours of the Diversity Stage!

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