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Key accused of 'misleading' Parliament over Sky City comment

Published: 8:34PM Thursday February 21, 2013 Source: ONE News

Opposition parties are accusing the Prime Minister of misleading Parliament by claiming Sky City has approached TVNZ to buy some of its Auckland property for a new convention centre.

Prime Minister John Key told Parliament yesterday that SkyCity and TVNZ had talked about the land in central Auckland.

"SkyCity, after it decided it would be prepared to enter an expression of interest process to have a larger convention centre, went off to its architects," said Key.

"Its architects designed such a thing, realised they needed more land, worked out who owned the land, and approached Television New Zealand."

However, TVNZ says the discussion never took place.

TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick said he has never been approached from Sky City about the Hobson Street land.

Opposition parties say it shows the Prime Minister has more involvement in the controversial convention centre deal than he is admitting.

"Well it quite clearly shows that he's got his hands all over this deal, he stood up in Parliament he's supposed to tell the truth in Parliament, he's not supposed to mislead Parliament," said Labour deput leader Grant Robertson.

Key has admitted he is wrong but will not apologise.

"If Television New Zealand says they've never had an approach from Sky City then I accept them at their word, if that's the case, then that's the case."

TVNZ says it would not be surprised if Sky City does approach it after seeing the architect plans.

It is currently assessing the value of the site.

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