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Hundreds gathered as Marriage Equality Bill debated

Published: 5:56AM Wednesday March 27, 2013 Source: ONE News

Hundreds of people gathered at Parliament on Wednesday night as the Marriage Equality Bill edges closer to becoming law.

The Bill, that would legalise same sex marriage, is in committee stage where MPs are given a chance to make amendments to it.

However none of the amendments were passed, and the bill was voted throughas it stood.

Two large groups gathered, one group praying for the bill not to go through, the other is chanting in support.

In its second reading last week it secured two thirds of MPs votes (77-44)

However, New Zealanders for Marriage wants the preservation of "traditional marriage" and the lobby group believes there is still time to change MP's minds.

Protesters have held a prayer vigil, saying that for the good of the country and the institution of marriage, the Bill can not go through.

However supporters of the Bill chanted over the prayers, calling for marriage equality for all.

Tonight, it was again argued the public should make the final decision on the Bill.

The Bill is likely to have its third and final reading in the next two months when MPs will be able to vote according to their conscience.