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Greens have high hopes after election success

Published: 6:42PM Sunday June 03, 2012 Source: ONE News

The Greens have outlined plans to become a greater political force at the party's annual meeting in Wellington today.

After delivering its most successful election result last year, the party said it is looking to expand its position, perhaps at the expense of its Labour allies.

"We have consolidated our position as the third political force in this country, we now need to work on expansion," co-leader Metiria Turei said.

However David Shearer told TVNZ's Q+A today Labour is the biggest party in opposition and will form the next Government.

Both parties said today they are allies as well as rivals.

But Turei said the Green Party wants to be at the heart of New Zealand politics - its "pivot and its conscience".

And she said the party's vision for the future is focused on more support for struggling women and children.

Children should be at the heart of everything the party does, Turei said. "When we are truly child focussed, and make all decisions with the child's well-being as the starting point, how can we ever go wrong?"

The co-leader said political differences need to be put aside to devise a cross party consensus to raise New Zealand children out of poverty.

The super accord has worked for older people, Turei said, leading to some of the best outcomes in the OECD. But she said New Zealand children have nearly the worst.