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Mike Murphy

Age: 20 

Who could forget Michael Murphy's nuclear-powered plea to Let Me Entertain You on NZ Idol? In the two years since becoming runner-up in the first Idol contest, Michael's held good to that promise by keeping busy making music.

Over the past year his rock band 5star Fallout has released two singles and toured and performed with local heroes Steriogram, 48 May, Goodnight Nurse, and Tadpole. Michael is also an ambassador for CureKids - All this and he's still just 20 years old!

What Michael lacks in height and brawn, he more than makes up for with his sheer enthusiasm and good humour. He's quick with a joke and a smile and also has a reputation as a peacemaker - he gets on well with pretty much everyone he meets. 

Michael expected his (lack of) size to be his greatest weakness on Treasure Island.

"I'm not the biggest lad. In fact, I'm extremely unfit, so I imagine that will make most challenges hard. We have to load very heavy gear in and out of pubs when we play shows & I usually try and act busy when this happens."