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Jay Quinn

Surf champ
Age:  23

World champion surfer Jay Quinn didn't even like surfing when he first tried it. But when you're born into the equivalent of New Zealand surfing royalty the lure of the perfect break can just be too hard to ignore. 

Jay followed in the wake of older brother Maz and sister Holly - both champion surfers - and became New Zealand's first ever World Champion surfer, winning the World Under 18 Championship title in 2001. Since then Jay's turned pro and left his Gisborne home for life on the Gold Coast and the professional circuit.

Before leaving for the island Jay speculated that the thing most likely to be his downfall were "puzzles and problem solving".

The hardest thing about competing in Treasure Island says Jay was "not being able to eat," though even that had benefits.

"I lost heaps of weight!" says the surf champ.