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Pineapple Dance Studios

Fridays at 9.30pm | TV ONE

About Pineapple Dance Studios

Pineapple Dance Studios on TV ONE

Fridays at 11.05pm

Tricia says goodbye to her friends at Pineapple Dance Studios, but Louie's distracted by something foul on the fire escape. Meanwhile, Andrew receives another set back. Will he ever be a star?

About Pineapple Dance Studios.

A place where dreams are made, parts are won and fabulous is a heartfelt emotion.

The biggest stars, the best shows and the most outrageous characters TV has seen

If Carlsberg made an ob-doc series, this would be it...

The biggest West End shows, the most famous pop acts, the highest level castings and auditions, 80 of the worlds most successful and flamboyant dance teachers and the most incredible list of characters TV will ever see all pass through Pineapple on a daily basis.  This is where dreams are made, careers are dashed, relationships are formed and 'fabulous' is a heartfelt emotion.

In a similar way that Airport was a fantastic location for a documentary series because of the flow of new stories through it every day, Pineapple has similar attributes - with the added attraction of being able to follow people from their bedrooms to auditions right through to first night on stage with the world's biggest stars.  Everyone is beautiful, everyone is out to 'make it' and they are all born performers. Every dancer, pop star, stage show, tour and audition worth its salt passes through Pineapple, giving us incredible stories to follow every day of the year.

Pineapple Dance Studios is a ground-breaking new series that has created a new genre - the 'performance documentary'.  Filmed in a 'mockumentary' style that leaves viewers unsure as to whether what they are watching is real, each show has sections that segue effortlessly from straight documentary actuality to highly stylized and choreographed dance sequences to create something completely unique - a mix of documentary and entertainment.  Mixing the comedy style of The Office, with the mockumentary feel of Spinal Tap and the performance elements of Fame, Pineapple Dance Studios is a truly genre-defining, must-see television phenomenon