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About Partners

Love gets between two lifelong friends and business partners in TV2’s brand new comedy, Partners.

The friendship between architects Joe (David Krumholtz, Superbad) and Louis (Michael Urie, Ugly Betty) has lasted longer than any of their own romantic relationships and almost seems like a marriage itself. Wry, smart and leading with his head, Joe's not always comfortable being loud and confrontational, so he surrounds himself with people who are. Sharing a seamless relationship with his best friend, Louis, they are constants in each other's lives - like brothers.

However, when Joe proposes to his sophisticated girlfriend, Ali (Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill), Louis's misguided attempts to be supportive nearly end their lifelong friendship.

Adding to the commotion is Louis's partner, Wyatt (Brandon Routh, Chuck), a former club-hopping model turned vegan nurse, and the architectural firm's unconventional assistant, Ro-Ro (Tracey Vilar, 2 Broke Girls).